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Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He at The Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School offer workshops to the public and training programs for Qigong practitioners, focusing on Liu Dong’s Qigong Method forms and Qigong theory developed over many generations by the Liu family as well as offering classical Chinese Qigong forms. www.linggui.org

Spiritual Turtle (Ling Gui)

Turtles are revered for stillness and calm, for peaceful breathing and their longevity. To be a spiritual turtle is to be in harmony with the qi of the universe. Through practicing qigong we open to the universe. As we rediscover our own nature and our place in the patterns of the natural world we awaken our own innate healing capacity. The Ling Gui School name honors the turtle and our graduates, certified teachers and healers entering the world as spiritual turtles.

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