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Chinese New Year

This year the Chinese New Year is happening on February 16. This day is also the beginning of the spring season and continues through May 1st.

An important aspect of Qigong understands that we are apart of nature and need to have ‘seasons’ in our bodies. The most important season is spring. By having a strong spring season we will have set ourselves up to have a good year of seasons.

Usually it was the farmer who was in sync with nature and springtime to begin planting, because if he didn’t then come fall there was nothing to harvest and no storage for winter. The same thing applies to our bodies. If in the springtime you didn’t do a good job with adjusting your lifestyle and practicing Qigong, then you won’t have any harvest or storage. This is also why so many people get colds in the fall time, and continue to be sick in the winter, they didn’t prepare correctly in the prior seasons.

One of the easiest ways to prepare your body for springtime is walking outside. Start your pace slow, and then you can gradually speed up. Remember it’s not just suddenly springtime from winter, so it is better to gradually change during the seasons or you can hurt your Qi.

Since spring is time for growing our Qi, you want to wear your clothes as loose as possible, giving lots of room to your body and Qi. You also want your body and mind as relaxed as possible – otherwise the liver can get stressed very easily. Think of the image of you at home in your PJ’s and your hair is down and loose.

You also don’t want to eat spicy foods or flour/wheat, (which naturally heats us up) during this time, as it adds to the fire that is already building and you don’t it to go to fast, you want it to build slowly.

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